How We Work From Home (WFH) with a Kid

We don’t. LOL.

But seriously. We get this question ALL THE TIME. The answer isn’t simple. And it’s not one-size-fit-all. I don’t think there is one “right” way to survive this pandemic with kids at home. Sure, we could write a how-to guide of how we’re *barely* surviving (shout out to grandparents everywhere!), but let’s be honest. We’re all doing our best. There have been a lot of tears – from everyone in our family. There have been days we just want to hide in a cave. There have been days where we feel invincible and that we’re totally rocking this thing. There have been days when I see other moms on the internet who look like they are thriving, when we are just trying to make it through the week. And then there are days when we are so so thankful for the extra time with Peter.

So we send this message to parents everywhere, whether you are are working from home or not:

You are a super hero. You are doing great. Your kids are loved. Don’t compare your situation to someone else’s. We’re all just doing our best.

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