The List

As the new year dawns, the Robinson family has set out to find more adventure in 2016. So we decided to make a list. A list of all the things we want to challenge ourselves to do this year. Some are silly, some are simple, some will be very hard to achieve. But all of them should be fun. We’re calling it The List and you’re welcome to follow along as we try to check each item off. The List is a living list, so we’ll be adding more things as we think of them and crossing things off as we do them. Oh, and blogging about the particularly great adventures we have because of The List. So, get ready. We’re making 2016 a fun year.


Go to a concert
Become a member of a community organization
Go to high tea
Host a high tea
See a musical
See a play
Attend a live sporting event
See a show at the Miller Outdoor Theatre
Take a class together
Go on a double date
Make our own BBQ sauce
Host a BBQ
Go to the zoo
Go camping
Travel internationally
See a River Oaks Theater midnight movie
Visit the Dallas World Aquarium
Visit Lee Harvey Oswald’s grave
Bake bread from scratch
Grow a plant
Obtain a new pet
Ride the Houston Metro
Go two-stepping
Take a trip to a new state
Go to a convention or festival
Go rock climbing
Make our own soda
Get a massage
Make a crock pot cake
Learn a song together
Speak more Spanish
Discover a new music artist
Make a new friend
Have coworkers over for dinner
Run a 5K
Add to our photo wall
Read more books (Neil: 6, Haley: 12)
Go to the Houston Rodeo
Surprise someone
See Hamilton: An American Musical in New York City
Build bug-out bags

How are you challenging yourself this year? Is there anything we should add to The List? Comment below!

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