A Scottish-Welsh Vacation

The Robinsons just got back from a two-week trip exploring the United Kingdom. We spent the first half in Scotland and the second half in Wales visiting Neil’s relatives (he is half-English). Usually, we’d write a long blog post detailing our adventures to you. This time, we chose to try something different. Behold, the first #robinfuns VLOG. Check it out below and let us know what you think! Do you like the video format? Miss the written vacation posts? For those more word-minded people, I’ve still got something for you –keep reading after the video!

Aberdeen, Scotland (Days 2-3)

We flew direct to Manchester and took a long train ride up to Aberdeen to visit with some dear friends who moved back to the UK (Graham and Jennie) after spending the past several years in Houston (that was Day 1). We only had two days with them, but we enjoyed every minute. They were lovely hosts and we had a lot of fun traipsing through the rain to see where Graham grew up and where the two of them got married. But soon, they had to send us off to our next destination.


Edinburgh, Scotland (Days 4-8)

In Edinburgh, we stayed in an Airbnb on the Royal Mile (the city’s most historic high street). I’d been before, but Neil hadn’t, so I got to show him around and take him to some of my favorite places like Edinburgh Castle, Calton Hill, and my favorite eatery. We also took a day-trip to the Highlands to see if we could find Nessie (you’ll have to watch the video to find out if we did!). The city itself is beautiful and fascinating and bubbling with history. It’s also VERY hilly, so we brought back killer calf muscles as souvenirs.


Barmouth, Wales (Days 8-11)

After enjoying Scotland’s largest city, we rented a car and drove seven hours through the Scottish, English, and Welsh countrysides toward Barmouth, a small seaside town where Neil’s relatives live. His maternal grandparents retired to Barmouth, so Neil often spent his summers there. His parents met us in the city, which made this portion of our vacation sort of like a small family reunion, which I thoroughly enjoyed. We got to visit with his relatives and I got to see where his grandparents were buried (two people I desperately wish I could have met). Neil and I also spent one day exploring some local Welsh towns which led to an awesome Slate Mine Tour and the most delicious scones we’ve ever tasted.


Manchester, England (Days 11-12)

Soon, we said our farewells and made our way back to Manchester where Neil and I had a day to hang out before our flight the next morning. Neil unwittingly booked us a hotel next to MediaCity UK where the BBC Headquarters is and it was PACKED with activity. There was a mall, a small festival, a water sports arena and more – lots of fun stuff for us to explore. The next morning we flew back to Houston.

Overall, the trip was awesome and felt like four mini trips in one. We loved exploring Scotland with friends and then on our own, driving through Wales and seeing family, and checking out England’s second largest city.

2 thoughts on “A Scottish-Welsh Vacation

  1. Your video is wonderful. I found the clip outside Davy Jones’ Locker especially easy on the eye, Seriously, you should have a travel program on PBS.


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