Neil Got a New Job…

FAMILY UPDATE: Neil has a new job! And it’s at Haley’s company. 

We are excited to announce that Neil has joined my company in the media department and we are super excited about it. Congrats, Neil! I’m so proud of you! Now to answer your questions:

What will Neil be doing?

Neil has started a digital media position where he’ll continue to do what he does best: plan, buy and place media for our agency’s clientele. His last job didn’t let him stretch his strategic advertising muscles and he’s excited to get back to what he loves doing at a place that we both respect.

Is it weird working with your husband/wife?

Neil and I met each other and dated each other while working together several years ago at another agency in town. For us, working together feels very natural and this recent job move feels like a real “full circle” moment. We like to think we are a great team at home and out in the world, so why not keep a good thing going? While we are working at the same agency, we perform different functions and are in different departments, so our actual working-together time is somewhat limited.

Isn’t that TOO much time together?

Thank you for your concern! We wouldn’t have made this decision if we were concerned about it affecting our marriage. In fact, we believe this arrangement will benefit us greatly. Not only do we get to carpool in the mornings, saving gas money and reducing our family’s environmental footprint; we also get extra time to invest in each other! Plus, we get the share company Christmas parties, vacation packages, and schedules. For us, it’s a win-win-win.

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