Baby Room Tour

Last week we traveled to Dallas to welcome our first nephew into the world and now we are in *SUPER* baby mode. We’ve stocked the changing table, filled our freezer, washed all the baby fabrics, taken the classes, installed the car seat (in both cars), and sent out the Master Plan email to all of our relatives. We are as ready as we can be. But, since our due date is still a few weeks away, we find ourselves just sitting in the baby room trying to imagine what it will be like when it houses a tiny person.

With August 9 approaching (sometimes slowly and sometimes far too quickly), we present to you a digital tour of our baby room.

The Reading/Feeding Station


The theme of this portion of the room is “books and boobs.” TMI? Too bad.

I love reading and am excited to introduce our little one to the wonderful world of words. Sure, he’ll be too young to dive straight into the heavy literature, but rest assured one of those cubes is filled to the brim with baby books for him to sink his teeth into – most likely literally.

The Sleeping Station


Once little Pete moves out of our bedroom, he’ll get to enjoy the luxury of several stuffed animals staring at him while he sleeps. Who doesn’t want that? Shout out to myself for making my own flag garland instead of buying one. Yes, that was a humble brag.

Like our family of stuffed llamas? Get your own and support the empowerment of women in Kenya.

The Changing Station


This is where all the magic will happen. Am I right, guys? Shout out to good friends who gave us their super sleek changing table and crib. Hand-me-downs are the best and we are grateful for them. The empty hamper to the right is awaiting its destiny of holding soiled baby clothes. Can you tell it is excited?

Some Fun Accents


I thought it would be nice to have some real-life plants in the baby room. You know, to provide oxygen or something. What it actually did was unleash Neil’s untapped passion for plants. Seriously, the guy cares for these guys like they were pets. The beer caddy was handcrafted for us by a dear friend who moved back to the UK a few years ago. Since Neil and I don’t drink, it has been repurposed as a fancy burp cloth holder. Pinkies up!


One of my lovely and talented friends made this weaving for little Pete’s room and it really ties everything together nicely. I especially appreciate that, like the swaddle holder and children’s books that fill our bookshelf, it was provided by a dear friend. I take heart knowing Pete will always be surrounded by tokens from the friends and family who have supported us on this journey.

And there you have it: the grand tour. Thank you to all the awesome friends and family who helped turn this room from a guest room/study/office into the future home of our progeny. We are eternally grateful and overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. We’re excited to welcome the little guy into our family and our home. In the meantime, we’re trying to be patient and remember that every day without our baby is a day without having to deal with a baby. (There are pros and cons, obviously.)


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