After our wedding, we high-tailed it to the fabulous Irish isle! We did a lot in the ten days we were there. The first five days we were in Dublin, the capital. We stayed in a quaint flat right next to Christ Church, which was very convenient. From Dublin Castle to a 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour to a classy high-tea, we walked all over that city. Our takeaways:

  • Dublin is much smaller than we thought (Houston’s population is bigger than that of the entire island).
  • The architecture is amazing.
  • We wish we did undergrad at Trinity College.
  • Guinness does museums as well as it does beer.
  • Irish people like Mexican food. A lot.

After Dublin, we boarded a train to the countryside. We arrived in Killarney and were instantly overwhelmed by the greenery (definitely more in line with our preconceived notions of Irish landscapes). There we stayed in a B&B and did a lot of hiking and biking and exploring. Our takeaways:

  • “Christmas in Killarney” will have a whole new meaning this year.
  • Irish rain is more like a perpetual mist.
  • How do Irish sheepherders get the spray paint off their sheeps’ butts?
  • Ireland should have a patent on the color green.

Our weekend in the country ended and we took a train back to Dublin, where we stayed for one more night. Then we hopped on a plane and headed back to the States – and started brainstorming our next adventure.











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