On Thursdays We Do Yoga

We’re a pretty active couple. We both go to the Y about four times a week and love spending our weekends moving around (Urban Hikes are our favorite). But several months ago, we decided to mix things up. Well, really Neil encouraged me to try out his P90X yoga routine. Please note, I’m a yoga sceptic. I hate meditating and, frankly, relaxation yoga drives me crazy. But Neil insisted that this one was different. “It’s strength-focused!” He said. So I begrudgingly surrendered my anti-yoga mindset, bought a cheap yoga mat from Target, and entered into the world of Mr. Tony. And I love it. Now, every Thursday we do yoga together instead of going to the Y. Then reward ourselves with Starbucks afterward before we head off to work. It has become a nice break in the week, a super sweaty, challenging, fun activity we can do together, and something we truly look forward to no matter how hard it is to wake up a bit earlier than usual. It also taught me to be more open-minded about things, especially if Neil recommends them. He knows me well.

This is Neil demonstrating his favorite position, Cat Pose. Can you see the serenity on his face?
It took a while, but I can balance in Crane now! Woot.

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